Basketmakers at Work Slide Show

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6 Responses to Basketmakers at Work Slide Show

  1. Susan Correia says:

    This is the best feature! Lots of good photos of the fun we have. Wonderful job on this web page, Jutta & Kim!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. laura Mattos says:

    An outstanding presentation!!! The website is beautifully conceived.
    Thank you. Laura

  3. Virginia Vickers says:

    Great slide show with lots of smiles!

  4. eugenia gwathney says:

    great job with slide show, thanks Jutta.

  5. Rae Hunter, Alberta Canada says:

    What a find. Wonderful job. So great to see familiar faces from My course at CNCH
    Hi Eugenia, Stephanie and others my old mind is missing.

  6. Rae Hunter says:

    I signed up twice to be sure I don’t miss you.

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