The BABM Library has the following resources available for use by its members.

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A Materials Guide for the Basket Maker by Maxine Kirmeyer.  1987.
A Modern Approach to BASKETRY with Fibers and Grasses. Dona Z. Meilach. 1974.
A Road Map to Hinges.  Shereen LaPlantz. 1985.
Appalachian Beginning. Misti Washington. 1986.
Art and Craft of Papier Mache. Juliet Bawden. 1990.
Arts & Crafts of Hawaii, Section III Plaiting. Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter H. Buck). 1957/1964.
Arts & Crafts of Hawaii, Section IV Twined Baskets. Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter H. Buck 1957/64
Australia’s Living Heritage – Arts of the Dreaming. Jennifer Isaacs. 1984.

Bamboo Art – The Many Shapes of Bamboo Art VIII. Asian Bamboo Cultural Forum, Oita. 2016.  In Japanese.
Bamboo Baskets–Japanese Art & Culture Interwoven with  Ikebana. Maggie Oster. 1995.
Bamboo Masterworks Japanes Baskets from the Lloyd Cotsen Collection. 1999.
Bamboo.  Pictures of Bamboo Vessels. Shounsai Shono. In Japanese.
Basic Basketry. Mara Cary. 1975.
Basic Pine Needle Basketry. Judy Mulford. 1986.
Basketmaking from the Beginning. Lura LaBarge. 1976.
Basket Making – How to Use Classical Basket Making Techniques with Modern Materials to    Create 10 Unusual baskets. Olivia Elton Barratt. 1990.
Basketry & Weaving with Natural Materials.  Pat Dale. 1998.
Basketry of the Quinault. Joan Megan Jones. Publ. by the Quinault Indian Nation. 1977.
Basketry–Creating Coiled Baskets with Modern Fibers. Sue Stanli. 1976.
Basketry Graphics. Margaret Davidson. 1990.
Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains. Sue H. Stephenson. 1977.
Basketry – Projects from Baskets to Grass Slippers. Hisako Sekijima. 1986.
Basketry – The Art of Willow Craft. Peter Juriga & Team. 2007. 2017.
Basketry: The Shaker Tradition. John McGuire. 1988.
Basketry: The Nantucket Tradition. John McGuire. 1990.
Basketry Today with Materials from Nature. Dona Z. Meilach & Dee Menagh. 1979.
Baskets. Nancy Schiffer with Historical Background by J. M. Adovasio. 1984.
Baskets and Basket Makers in Southern Appalachia. John Rice Irwin. 1982.
Baskets and Beyond–New uses for traditional basketry techniques. Lucele Coutts. 1977.
Baskets from Nature’s Bounty. Elizabeth Jensen. 1991.
Baskets in Polynesia. Wendy Arbeit. 1990.
Beader’s Bible. Claire Crouchley. 2004.

Chip Carving – projects & patterns. Harris W. Moore. 1976.
Coconut Palm Front Weaving. William H. Goodloe. 1972.
Coil Attachments.  Class Guide. Sande Rowan. 2013
Contemporary Basketry. Sharon Robinson. 1978.
Contemporary Leather–Art & Accessories, Tools and Techniques. Dona Z. Meilach. 1971.
Contemporary Wicker Basketry – projects, techniques, designs. Flo Hoppe. 1996.
Creative Basket Making. Lois Walpole. 1989.
Creative Crafts of the World. Marilyn Romatka. 2012.
Creative Hands – Handicrafts of Micronesia. Leslie Anne Killeen. 1982.

Decorative Marshallese Baskets. Judy Mulford. 1991.

Fingerweaving Untangled–illustrated Beginner’s Guide Including Detailed Patterns and Common Mistakes. Carol James 2011.
Frame-Loom Weaving. Jane Redman. 1976.

Gourd Crafts.  West Mountain Gourd Farm. April 1994.
Gourd Crafts – 20 projects to dye, paint, carve, bead & woodburn. Ginger Summit. 2000.
Gourds & Fiber. Ginger Summit & Jim Widess. 2011.
Grasses & Straw Craft – Hot Craft 09. (in Korean). 2012. Donated by Youngmi Pak.
Growing and Preparing Gourd Homes for Martians by James R. Hill, III.

Handmade Baskets from nature’s colorful naterias. Susie Vaughan. 1994.
Hebi Kago-Illustrated step-by-step photographs. Jim Widess. 1985.
Huichol Beading. Guillermo Martinez and Jim Widess. 2003.

Indian Basket Weaving–The Navajo School of Indian Basketry. 1971. 2 copies
Indian Basketry–with over 250 Illustrations. George Wharton James. 1972.
Indian Baskets. Sara Peabody Turnbaugh and William A. Turnbaugh. 1986.
Indian Baskets of the Southwest.  Clara Lee Tanner. 1983.
In Praise of Hands–Contemporary Crafts of the World. Octavio Paz. 1974.

Japanese Basketry Embellishments: An Instructional Pamphlet by D. Sakamoto Crispin.

Lightship Baskets of Nantucket. Martha R. Lawrence. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. 2000

Macrame – Creative Design in Knotting. Soon Z. Meilach. 1971.
Mad Weave: The Web of the Distracted. A Step by Step Guide. Deborah McClelland. 2016.  Making Baskets.  Maryanne Gillooly. 1986.
Making Gourd Dolls & Spirit Figures. Ginger Summit & Jim Widess. 2007.
Masters of Bamboo. Melissa M. Rinne. 2007. 2 copies

Nancy’s Paper Baskets using Paper Capers.  Nancy Gruber. 1989.
Natural Basketry. Carol and Dan Hart. 1976. 2 copies.
Natural Baskets – over 20 unique baskets with materials gathered in gardens, fields, and woods. Edited by Maryanne Gillooly. 1992.

Open Hexagonal Plaiting. Instructions for making baskets & balls. Joni Bamford. 2003.

Papier-Mache Today. Sheila McGraw. 1990.
Pine Needle Raffia Basketry Advanced Pattern Book. Jeannie McFarland. 1980/1983.
Pine Needle Raffia Basketry.  Jeannie McFarland. 1978.
Pine Needles to Baskets & Other Things. Kay Fisher/Shirley Fuller/Carol Lukovich. 2003.
Pine Spirit – A modern approach to the art of coiled basketmaking. Sande Rowan. 2012.
Plaited Basketry – The Woven Form. Shereen LaPlantz.1982. 2 copies
Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark. Vladimir Yarish, Flo Hoppe, Jim Widess. 2009.
Plaiting Step-by-Step. Suellen Glashausser & Carol Westfall. 1976.
Pomo Basketmaking.  Elsie Allen. 1972.
Pricing and Selling Handmade Baskets. Grace and Forrest Davis. 1997.

Shaker Baskets & Poplarware (Field Guide, Vol. III). G. Kennedy, G. Beale, Johnson, 1992.
Sprang Unsprung–An Illustrated Guide to Interlinking, Interlacing and Intertwining. Carol James. 2011.
Step-by-Step Basketry– intro to coiled & woven basketry. R. Seidel Gilman & N. Bess. 1977.
Straw Sculpture – techniques and projects. Ruth S. Hibbs. 1974.

The Art and Craft of Papier Mache. Juliet Bawden. 1990.
The Art of Basketry. Kari Lonning. 2002.
The Basket Book–Over 30 Magnificent Baskets to Make and Enjoy. Lyn Siler. 1988.
The Care and Feeding of Baskets. Revised Edition. By Emily Hartley. 2001.
The Complete Book of Basketry. Dorothy Wright. 1992/2001.
The Complete Book of Baskets & Basketry.  Dorothy Wright. 1977.
The Complete Book of Gourd Craft. Ginger Summit and Jim Widess. 1996.
The Container Book. Thelma R. Newman and Jay Hartley Newman. 1977.
The Fine Art of California Indian Basketry. Brian Bibby. 1996. Heyday Books.
The Fiberarts Design Book II.  Fiberarts Magazine. Edited by Jeane Hutchins. 1983.
The Grandmother Basket by Misti Washington. 1985.
The Guide to Basketry Weaving.  Creative Weaving with Coconut Palms. R. Morrison 2005
The Knotting & Braiding Bible – complete guide to creative knotting incl. Kumihimo,   Macramé, & Plaiting by Dorothy Wood. 2014.
The Nature of Basketry. Ed Rossbach. Enlarged and updated edition. 1986. 2 copies.
The New Basketry.  Ed Rossbach. 1976.  2 copies.
The Techniques of Basketry. Virginia Harvey. 1974.
Three-dimensional Embroidery. Janet Edmonds. 2005.

Useful Baskets–How to make more than 3 dozen functional baskets. Mara Cary. 1977.

Vasterbotten. (In Swedish). Emma Bergstrom-Andelius. 1983.

Wallace–Homestead Price Guide to Baskets. 2nd Ed. Frances Johnson. 1989.
Weaving on Gourds. Marianne Barns. 2010.
What are Fronds For? Wendy Arbeit. 1985.
Wheat Weaving & Straw Craft. Morgyn Geoffry Owens-Celli. 1997.
Wheat Weaving Made Easy. Carolyn Schultz & Adelia Stucky. 1977.
Wicker Basketry. Flo Hoppe. 1989. 2 copies
Wicker Basketry. Reprinted edition of 2012.
Willow Basketry of the Amana Colonies. Joanna E. Schanz. 1986.
Wisconsin Willow. Adventures of a Basketmaker. Char TerBeest. 1985.
Woven History – Native American Basketry.  Collection of the Clark County Historical    Museum, Vancouver. Edited by Julie Daly. 2004.

All Things Considered VIII invitational exhibition. NBO

CDs. Through the Eyes of a Basket Weaver. 2017.
DVD Ply-Split Garlic Basket.  Instructor Linda Hendrickson. 49-minutes.

NBO Quarterly Review – newsletters.

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