Daretta, Lynn’s Guide Dog


On April 26, 2015, Daretta, my guide dog, suffered a stroke and had to be put down by the local vet.  She had cancer for almost two years and aged more rapidly during that time.  It was not easy for my husband Dennis and me to watch her decline, especially when Daretta never whimpered even though she was in obvious discomfort.

Daretta had been my guide dog for over twelve years, attending BABM meetings, holiday parties, and shows at the Gualala Arts Center with me.  Her quiet, calm demeanor made her beloved by all those who met and got to know her.

Her spot next to my chair will remain empty now because I have decided not to get another dog.  I prefer to have the fond memories of my irreplaceable dog, Daretta.  I am grateful to all those who helped Daretta and me participate in the BABM activities.  Thank you.  –Lynn Kelleher