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Yearly Membership is $25 (January to December).   Make check payable to BABM and mail to Chris Johnson, 205 Milo Place, San Ramon, CA 94583.  For a Kelp Collecting Permit add $10 – optional.

BABM Membership Form

Meetings are usually on the first Saturday of the month except July and August.  In July we have a Weave-In day at a member’s home.  In August we have a members retreat at the Heidelmann Lodge in Norden, Donner Summit.  Guests and visitors are always welcome.

Meeting Places: Most meetings are held at Chatham Preschool, 4359 39th Avenue in Oakland.  Meetings are potluck and start at 11:00 a.m.   We also meet occasionally at The Caning Shop on 926 Gilman Street in Berkeley.  (510) 527-5010 or (800) 455-3373.


One Response to Join Us

  1. Patricia says:

    Congratulations on getting the website up and running!!!!! I enjoyed the videos too.

    Even though I am in Southern California for the time being, I can connect online. For the gourders: Welburn Gourd Farm is in the process of harvesting the 2010 crop and on March 5th, it re-opens for a new crop of thick skinned gourds. “Love those thick skinned gourds!” If you ever get the chance, it’s a fabulous place for an adventure. Located near Temecula about an hour north of San Diego near wineries.

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