Meeting Dates/ Place/Program

Because of Covid-19, our meetings are conducted via Zoom and start at 12 noon.

2021 Schedule.  Visitors and guest are always welcome.  $5 fee will be charged nonmembers who participate in meeting workshops, which will be waived upon becoming members.

All meetings are at Chatham Preschool, 4359 39th Avenue in Oakland unless otherwise indicated.  Arrival Time 10:30 a.m.,  11 a.m. Business Meeting followed by Potluck Lunch, 1-3 p.m. Program.  *The Caning Shop is located at 926 Gilman Street in Berkeley.

January 9.  Zoom Meeting on Dream Catchers with Toni Best.

February 6.  Zoom Meeting on Plaited Heart Basket with  Eugenia Gwathney.

March 6.  Zoom Meeting on “Knots” with Chris Johnson.

 April 3.  Zoom Meeting on wicker basketry I with Betsy Gribble.

May 1.  Zoom Meeting on wicker II with Betsy Gribble.

June 5.  Zoom Meeting on Huichol Beasd Work with Michele Hament.

July 17.  Weave-In Day at Michele Hament’s in Berkeley.

August 7 Retreat Weekend at Heidelmann Lodge at Norden with host Nancy Briemle has changed to September 15—20.

September 11.  Zoom Meeting on Baskets of Africa with Cael Chappell.

October 2.  Zoom Meeting on decorative attachment technique with Barbara Shapiro.

November 6.  Zoom Meeting TBA.

December 4.  Holiday Party at Chris’ House in San Ramon (tentative).

2 Responses to Meeting Dates/ Place/Program

  1. Jutta says:

    Hi Crystal,
    thank you for visiting our website. You could try The Caning Shop on 926 Gilman in Berkeley (under Resources/Classes on sidebar of this website) they also have dye. Laci’s on Adeline may also have some horse hair. You could also contact Amanda Salm (also listed on sidebar of this website). Another option is to find yourself a cowboy boyfriend! Good luck with your art project. Send us a pic when done.

  2. Deborah S Rose says:

    I am looking for a basket class and/or teacher near Palo Alto.

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