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Yosemite Miwok-Paiute Basketry: 3-Day Workshop

September 22 to 24 with Julia Parker.  This workshop offers the unique chance to spend three days learning from Julia, her daughter and granddaughter as they guide students through traditional basket-weaving techniques and share stories that have lived on through … Continue reading

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Kule Loklo Big Time

July 22 – traditional Native American trade festival at Kule Loklo, a Coast Miwok Cultural Exhibit located in Bear Valley –  Point Reyes National Seashore.  415-663.1200 x307.

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Miwok-Paiute Basketry with Julia & Lucy Parker

August 25-27 with Julia Parker, Lucy Parker, & Ursula Jones at Mono Lake County Park.  Register through Mono Lake Field Seminars  or (760) 647-6595.

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“Who Done It” Gourd Art by Kelly

I put water in it and let it set overnight, then put rocks in it to clean out the inside, then set it out to dry on top of my husband’s workbench, outside.  When I got home, this is what … Continue reading

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Rock of Ages

This knotted piece by Nancy Briemle was inspired by the granite rocks in the Sierras and took 12 years to complete.  Waxed linen and metallic threads are knotted over a carved Styrofoam base with lid.

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Birch Bark Fun at Heidelmann Retreat 2011 with Deb Curtis

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How to Weave Authentic Hawaiian Lauhala Bracelets

Aloha.  Here is the newest book by Jim Widess.  Hot off the press.  How to Weave Authentic Hawaiian Lauhala Bracelets.  For weavers who don’t live in Hawaii, there are lots of materials that can be substituted to weave the patterns … Continue reading

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Gourds + Fiber by Ginger Summit and Jim Widess

I just got this book and love it.  It shows beautiful artwork and step-by-step instructions on technique. The featured artists include BABM members Cookie Cala, Cookie Hansen, Carola Farthing, Jennifer Wool, and Patricia Berry.  Congratulations.    

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Pine Needle Basket by Stephanie Dwiggins

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New DVD – Advanced Basket Weaving with Nadine Spier

Nadine just released her new DVD “Advanced Basket Weaving with Nadine Spier” which is a sequel do her first DVD “Basket Weaving Essentials with Nadine Spier.”   I have both DVDs and just finished watching the second one.  The instructions are … Continue reading

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